A wet windy and overcast day today.

The sort of day when you never can get warm.  I sorted out a number of charts that the previous owner passed on to me, some are very old but interesting.

Also did another rig inspection today as the port spreader is bothering me.  I was considering doing a epoxy wrap but have now decided to replace it.  I don’t want any failures on my trip and it has to be done at some stage so might as well do it now and not worry.  So I am going to take the old spreader off and make a copy replacement.  The mast can remain standing and I have backed off the turnbuckles ready for the old spreader removal tomorrow morning.

The Insurance company came through with the insurance confirmation today, an improvement on the previous quote so I am happy to save a few bucks. Wind has dropped this evening and all is calm again.

Logged 5th April 2016

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