Woke up this morning and it was warmer, did the breath test and only a bit of steam came out. Turned out to be a sunny and warm day, could have worn shorts but I was too busy to get changed. I turned out the lockers under the cockpit today and laid everything down in the sun to get rid of the damp.

Spent another hour on the phone to my lifejacket supplier in Vancouver trying to get a replacement gas cylinder.  They have now contacted the UK office for help, at this rate I may just have to buy new lifejackets and get on with life.

The big event toady was the removal of the port spreader, luckily it came away easily and it was quite a quick job.

As you can see from the photo the rot is quite extensive and close to the tip.  It could have lasted a bit longer but it would have failed in heavy weather when under high stress – not a nice thought.  I feel much better now that the job is underway and an new spreader will be fitted soon.

Not long to go now before the boat is ready.  One of my neighbours is just finishing his engine repairs and will be heading out tomorrow, going north.  We may meet up again on the way.

Removing port spreader
Removing port spreader
Nasty rot on spreader
Nasty rot on spreader


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