All through the night and up to one this afternoon we had a beautiful sail.  Steady wind twelve to sixteen knots and running very comfortably towards Hilo at between five and six knots.  Then suddenly the wind stopped blowing.  We went around in circles a few times and then nix, nada, nothing. By four in … Continue reading RESORT TO MECHANIC POWER


Last night around nine I turned toward the south on run down to Hawaii.  We still have big swells for a couple of days and then it gradually subsides the further south we go. Today has been perfect weather (apart from mountains of swells rolling us around), sunshine, clear skies, sparkling seas – just like … Continue reading TALKING DRAINS


For the fourth night in a row we had the crazy winds and seas as the sun went down.  This time I was ready with the triple reefed main and staysail set before it hit.  I am unable to explain it, I have never experienced it before.  Last night the wind didn’t get above 25 … Continue reading A BUSY SUNDAY


Another one of those funny night day experiences.  At eleven in the evening I reduced sail as there was too much wind.  At three in the morning there was no wind.  Truce just wallowed in very light airs and a confused sea. At five I heard a creaking sound coming from the mast, right where … Continue reading CREAKING WOODEN MAST


Last night was an easy sail, main and jib reduced and we went easy through the night.  From six this morning until midday the wind was boisterous and the seas very confused, made for an uncomfortable ride for a few hours. The morning overcast cleared early afternoon and it became quite warm in the sun, … Continue reading THE LURE WORKED.TUNA FOR DINNER


Last night the wind held steady and Truce sailed herself beautifully through the night.  I didn’t touch a thing and we were bang on course this morning.  As often happens the sun came up and the wind died.  I gybed to the east for a couple of hours and picked up some wind before heading … Continue reading BEAUTIFUL SAILING TODAY


Last night was an up and down sort of affair.  The wind was blowing between fifteen and twenty-five knots.  So, one hour we had too much sail and a few minutes later not enough.  We were sailing too fast in the stronger winds and eventually ended up with a double reefed main, staysail and the … Continue reading SOUTHERN ROUTE TO HAWAII


 I have been back in New Zealand since the end of January.  Living the good life, eating, drinking and enjoying the warm summer weather.  Generally getting fat, contented and too comfortable.  Apart from a couple of mammoth record breaking rain events the weather has been beautiful, real Kiwi summer.  Ngozi and I had a few … Continue reading FAT AND CONTENTED IN NZ