Another one of those funny night day experiences.  At eleven in the evening I reduced sail as there was too much wind.  At three in the morning there was no wind.  Truce just wallowed in very light airs and a confused sea.

At five I heard a creaking sound coming from the mast, right where it passes through the coach roof.  On most wooden boats there are all sorts of groans, creaks and squeaks.  But Truce is so well built none of the woodwork makes a sound.  So, a creak on Truce is an indication something is not right.  I dropped all sail, set the staysail to lie quietly and went to investigate.

I found that the mast wedges on the starboard side had slipped.  I fashioned a couple of additional wedges then hammered them home.  Voila, no more creaks.  It’s not a permanent fix but will get me Hawaii I expect.  There I can take my time and do the job in peace and tranquillity.

Apart from the drama this morning the day has been perfect.  A light following breeze pushing us along at nearly five knots without any stress.  I have been lounging around, cat napping, reading listening to music and generally enjoying good weather.

Last night I was reading ‘Shackleton’s Boat Journey’ by Frank Worsley.  Sir Edmund Hillary wrote the introduction.  Worsley was the Captain of Shackleton’s ship ‘Endurance’.  It was his skill as a seaman and navigator that played a major part of the successful rescue of the whole expedition party.  Well worth a read, only a small book and probably almost free on Kindle.

Rum and coke on the drinks menu at beer o’clock this afternoon.  Must go sparingly on my last lemon.  Voyage distance 929 miles.

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