Last night around nine I turned toward the south on run down to Hawaii.  We still have big swells for a couple of days and then it gradually subsides the further south we go.

Today has been perfect weather (apart from mountains of swells rolling us around), sunshine, clear skies, sparkling seas – just like the brochure.

For a few days, I have been hearing small voices, very faint.  On one occasion, I actually went outside and had a look around the sea.  I have been at a loss to explain it – other I don’t think I am going crazy, I am not answering them back or holding a conversation with them which could be a sign.  The only person I speak to on board is Micky, the wind vane autopilot.

Today I discovered where they were coming from.  It’s the cockpit drains.  There are two drains at the forward end of the cockpit.  They drain directly down through a pipe and valve to the sea.  As the boat moves up and down the water in the pipes makes small voice like sounds.  That’s it case closed.

I have had a can of beer wrapped in wet cloth sitting in the sun since midday.  I am off to drink it now and see if the evaporation thing works.  I will let you know tomorrow.  Voyage distance 1,473 miles.

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