This morning after breakfast I rigged up the spinnaker pole and flew the jib out to the port side.  We are now sailing on a course of 240 degrees direct for Hilo.  If the wind holds good we will be there in a few days.

Sailing downwind with the jib poled out is very relaxing.  Once set up there is little to do apart from checking for wear and chafe.  The wind vane takes care of the steering and as long as the swells are not too big it’s a comfortable ride without too much rolling.

Once we were settled on course I got into the galley and turned out some flat bread.  Better than the last effort but still room for improvement.  But morning smoko was good with fresh coffee and bread and jam taken al fresco in the cockpit.

Beer o’clock yesterday turned into an anti-climax as Paddy’s tip for cooling beer didn’t work for me.  I am obviously doing it wrong and don’t have a muslin bag.  I will wait until we are in port and have Wi-Fi for the next stage.  In the meantime, warm beer is better than no beer.  Voyage distance 1,587 miles.

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