A beautiful sunrise this morning over a rumbustious Pacific, blowing strong from the north east with large swells running through.  The sunrise turned into blue skies, fluffy Simpson clouds, sunshine and sparkling seas.

A morning round of the deck revealed no flying fish aboard.  One did fly into the cockpit last night and I flipped him back over the side.  He wasn’t very big but would have been painful in the face.  When I was a cadet, I was on a ship that had a black cat.  The cat belonged to the second mate.  Both cat and second mate were psychotic.  The cat would go down on deck and pick up a flying fish, bring it back to the wheelhouse and eat it.  A little later the cat would be sick and regurgitate the hardly digested fish on the wheelhouse deck.  Guess whose job it was to clean up the mess.

The waves continued to pester us as we ran off downwind to the west.  One wave slopped into the cockpit (a rare occurrence) and another hit us bang on the stern like a cannon shot and picked up the wooden boarding ladder.  Fortunately, I had a lashing on it and I managed to hold on to it.

The predict Wind weather routing advises turning to the south in the evening for a relatively clear run down to Hilo.  I am looking forward to that.

At beer o’clock this evening I sat in the cockpit, waves sparkling all around and listened to Jon Bonamassa ‘an acoustic evening at the Vienna opera house’ album.  I had it loud – there is a big ocean to share it with.  I tried wrapping the cans in a wet cloth and leaving them in the sun as suggested by Paddy.  The beer may have been slightly cooler – maybe I need to leave it out for a few hours, I will try again tomorrow.  Its all in a good cause.  Voyage distance 1,366 miles.

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