Last night the winds were up down and all about.  Whatever I did with the sails the wind then undid.  In the end I just set the staysail and let Truce go where she wanted, it was far more comfortable.  Around three in the morning the cloud cover cleared to reveal all the heavens above.  It was a beautiful sight and I made a cup of tea and relaxed under the stars.  A special half hour.

I also saw a ship last night.  I don’t know what it was, quite large and fast with unusual configuration of navigation lights.  Also, it was not using AIS, a warship I suspect.

On deck this morning I found the first flying fish.  Just a very small minnow but they are around now, scuttling out of the way as we sail towards them.  I have never tried eating one – most seamen don’t eat them.  They are certainly never on the ships menu.  Maybe on Chinese ships, they seem to find a way of cooking almost anything.

Today I have been frustrated again by the winds, both in strength and direction.  I have tried just about every sail combination but each time the wind changes and renders my efforts useless.  I haven’t done so much deck work since I was Mate on an anchor Handling boat in the North Sea.  So, I am getting plenty of exercise and not lounging around drinking rum and coke.

Now I am running off to the west as advised by Predict Wind in two meter seas and 25 knots of wind, not a comfortable ride.  The forecast is for this weather to last for another two days before reducing for the run into Hilo.  I had expected this part of the voyage to be more settled into the trade pattern but it is not so.

The weather is thankfully warm now and I can feel the suns heat.  Very beautiful outside, sparkling blue waters with the sun shining and reflection off the waves.  I noticed the increase in temperature at beer o’clock yesterday, my beer is getting warm!  A bit of a worry how to get cold beer without a fridge.  Voyage distance 1,267 miles.


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