For the fourth night in a row we had the crazy winds and seas as the sun went down.  This time I was ready with the triple reefed main and staysail set before it hit.  I am unable to explain it, I have never experienced it before.  Last night the wind didn’t get above 25 knots, more like a gusty 20 knots.  The seas were not big, just steep small waves and breaking tops.  The result is a nasty motion.  By five in the morning normal service had been resumed.  In between lots of deck work to keep us sailing in the right direction.

The only explanation I can give is that we are sailing along the bottom of a large high-pressure system which is bringing cold air down from the north. As this cold flow of air slows it has nowhere to go – so gets absorbed into the warmer air around it.  This results in small local disturbances along the bottom of the low pressure.  It maybe IT happens at sundown when the suns warmth disappears.

Whatever, by mid-morning we were sailing in good conditions, the cold air has completely disappeared, the wind feels warm and dry.  I hope the Alaska air has released us.

My bread ran out a few days ago and I have been craving fresh bread.  It’s still a bit too bumpy for me to make normal bread so I tried making some unleven bread.  I think the results could have been better.  But in the land of no bread home-made unleven bread is at a premium.  At morning Smoko I had fresh brewed coffee and bread with James Keiller Dundee Orange Marmalade.  Wonderful fare.

I received news that Team NZ is doing quite well in the Americas Cup.  After the previous defeat and the way it occurred it is so important to put up a good strong show.  If the rules are applied fairly I have every confidence this sailing team can win the cup back.

When I wrote up the log at noon I noticed that we have less distance to go than we have sailed to date.  Over the halfway point.  This is good as my fresh fruit and veg ran out today.  I am now starting to think what I will do in Hawaii – a place I have not visited before.  I don’t have much information about Hawaii on board – so when I check in at Hilo I will need to get up to speed on local things to do.

I have just watched an episode of Fawlty towers that I had not seen for years.  One where Basil gambles on a horse race, wins and then loses his money through a series of incidents.  Classic.  Voyage distance 1,162 miles.

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