Last night the wind held steady and Truce sailed herself beautifully through the night.  I didn’t touch a thing and we were bang on course this morning.  As often happens the sun came up and the wind died.  I gybed to the east for a couple of hours and picked up some wind before heading south again.

The fishing line went over the side today.  My favourite lure is on the end of it.  The lure has been dragged from Vancouver to China and back and caught zero.  I am determined to catch something on it so it’s being dragged down to Hawaii this time.

I saw another ship today, this time a bulk carrier bound for Mexico.  Other than that, I am all alone out here.  Well there’s some whales and birds as well, plus who knows what sort of monsters swimming around in the deep ocean.  There’s a very elegant bird flying around, looks like a Sheerwater but I don’t know what type.  I should get a book about seabirds – it would make a good Father’s Day present…

This afternoon I got my Bose mini SoundLink working.  What a great little speaker, big enough to fill the boat with sound.  The Bose stuff is expensive but the quality is good and I expect it will last a long time if I can keep the salt air from it.

After my evening beer, I reefed the main sail down for the night.  Now if the wind gets up its easy to reduce sail with the headsails.  We are still doing five knots which will be fine until the morning.  Hope the wind holds for another relaxing night.

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