Last night I was watching the wind die down over a period of about an hour.  I had been running with the main double reefed and the staysail in strong winds.   After a while I put out half the jib and everything seemed comfortable.  I had a feeling that something was not right but couldn’t see any sign, so after a further half an hour I put the rest of the jib out and went to the galley to make coffee.

Next, I heard the roar and we were laid over by a terrific blast of wind.  I ran outside and got the jib furled as quick as I could.  Truce was still overpowered and I reefed the main as far as possible to the third reef.  The sea was very confused, spray everywhere and a bit of rain. Between midnight and two in the morning we had three separate squalls.  The weather gods were angry about something and I got a work out.

Today the wind has continued from the north west about twenty to twenty-five knots so we’re making steady progress, I still have three reefs in the main and the ride is very bumpy.  The seas are short, rough and breaking, occasionally slopping over into the cockpit.  I reckon this must be the tail of the north westerly winds and tomorrow they will start to curve to the west around the bottom of the high pressure area.  I bloody hope so.

The temperature rose by a couple of degrees today, hitting eighteen on my thermometer.  Still got my thermals on though.  Its not easy to sleep in this weather, every time I put my head down some motion or noise wakes me up.  I can’t be bothered trying to cook.   I am very much looking forward to being done with the North Pacific.

I have seen a few ships today.  Some are on the the great circle route between Panama and China  and others between the US and China by the information on their AIS.  Its beer o’clock, I reckon I deserve one.  Voyage distance 328 miles.

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