Last night I was watching the wind die down over a period of about an hour.  I had been running with the main double reefed and the staysail in strong winds.   After a while I put out half the jib and everything seemed comfortable.  I had a feeling that something was not right but couldn’t … Continue reading SUNDAY SQUALLS


The start of 2017 finds me standing on the bridge of a vessel steaming up the Malacca Strait, passing Port Dickson.  It’s a beautiful balmy night with a faint offshore breeze bringing out the smells of vegetation and wood smoke wafting the water. There’s searchlights ashore piercing the sky, must be part of the New … Continue reading STEAMING INTO 2017


Many times when crossing the North Pacific by ship I have looked at the chart and wondered about Chichagof Island.  In my mind the name has a mystery and provokes thoughts of early Russian explores and traders.  Well, I am here now, although I have yet to set foot on its wet soggy ground.  All … Continue reading CHICHAGOF ISLAND