Thursday after lunch I headed out from Richmond Bay, moved down Pelorus Sound and brought up in Jacobs Bay, a run of ten miles.

Once securely moored in Jacobs Bay I went ashore in the dinghy for a walk.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a camp site, toilet and water tap.  The water is marked for boiling before use, but looks and tastes clean and fresh.   There is a well-marked track through the bush, I went along it for half an hour before turning back.  In these days of lock down, we are not supposed to wander too far into the bush.  Nobody about, just the woodland animals scampering around.

This morning I decided to have a day of personal grooming and to try and improve my appearance.  Late morning when the sun had come up, I took the dinghy ashore with a couple of cans of beer, a packed lunch, a good book and my toilet bag.

First job was a haircut, I got to work with the clippers and soon had my head #4 close cropped.  Next the beard came off and a close shave followed.  All the time a frantic Fantail flitted about, indignant that I was invading his space.  Once I was sheered and shaved, I headed over to the tap for a shampoo and wash.  The water was very refreshing.  I look a bit more presentable now – but there’s nobody to present to.

Feeling cleaner and refreshed I sat at the Yogi Bear table, soaked up the sun and warmed up.  This is a very pretty spot, I felt I had a private garden with a fantastic vista.

Jacobs Bay Campground Photo Ray Penson
Jacobs Bay Campground Photo Ray Penson

I had a Peanut variety sandwich for lunch, that’s bread with Marmite and Peanut butter, not everybody’s taste but I like it.  A couple of cans of Speights Beer will see me through to early afternoon.

The book I am reading again is ‘Sailing Alone Around the World’ written by the American, Captain Joshua Slocum.  I have read the book before but now is the time for a reread.  Slocum was the first person to sail around the world alone, a feat he completed in 1898.  It’s a good read and interesting to learn how the world operated in those days.

As the sun started to dip behind the high land to the west I departed from my garden and returned to Truce.  Not wishing to spend another night at Jacobs Bay I motored to Maori Bay, just four miles to the south.

I moored in Maori Bay and was a bit disappointed.  It’s quite shallow and mostly covered in Mussel farms.  There is nowhere to go ashore, I think I will move on in the morning when the tide is flooding.

This evening I have discovered a downside of Jacobs Bay.  While I was enjoying the sun and lounging around the sand flies were feasting on my blood.  I have very itchy legs and ankles this evening.

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