One week of Coronavirus lock down completed.  Isolation in my bubble continues.  It’s a lonely existence but could be worse.  I am in an area of outstanding natural beauty, healthy, have a good stock of food on board and am self-sufficient.

This morning I decided to stay another day in Richmond Bay, it’s a nice place to linger a bit longer and I fancied a walk ashore.

Quiet morning in Richmond Bay Photo Ray Penson
Quiet morning in Richmond Bay Photo Ray Penson

Because of the high land around the sun’s rays didn’t hit the solar panels until ten this morning.  The heavy dew on deck and in the cockpit didn’t dry off until well into the afternoon.

I took the dinghy ashore and found a track heading off around the bay.  From the track I had the occasional glimpses of the bay and mussel farms through the bush.  There was no one else around, the place is completely deserted.

Truce in Richmond Bay Photo Ray Penson
Truce in Richmond Bay Photo Ray Penson

Once back on board I carried out a few repairs to the mainsail and then restowed it in its cover.  As I am not sailing any great distance now, I have stowed the mainsail and will use the yankee or staysail to get around the sounds on short trips.

The pace of life is slowing down in this lock down era.  Tomorrow I will continue heading south, further down Pelorus Sound.


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