Another peaceful night and I had a civilised breakfast before moving out from Burney’s Beach and heading up Queen Charlette Sound.  There was a nice S’ly breeze from astern.  We sailed up the sound and around Cape Jackson with the yankee, doing 4 or 5 knots all the way.  The breeze stayed with us past Cape Lambert and Alligator Head and then it disappeared, flat calm.

I turned on the motor and headed through Allen Strait and into Pelorus Sound.

Heading South down Pelorus Sound Photo Ray Penson
Heading South down Pelorus Sound Photo Ray Penson

The tidal stream was against us in Pelorus Sound, it was slow going.  It didn’t matter, the scenery was wonderful, the sun was out and we had plenty of time to get to the anchorage before dark.  In fact, in these lockdown days there is no hurry to get anywhere, I am stuck in this area until the lockdown is lifted and I can head north again.

At five in the afternoon we were securely moored in Richmond Bay.  I cracked a beer and enjoyed the last of the days sun before it sank behind the adjacent hills.

For sport I put a line over the side, I didn’t want to catch fish to eat, just entertaining myself.  Immediately I was getting bites, unfortunately it was the spotties.  A horrible greedy little fish with sharp teeth that strip bait off a hook in no time.  After pulling up a couple I gave up.

Spotty, rapacious nuisance fish Photo Ray Penson
Spotty, rapacious nuisance fish Photo Ray Penson

I don’t have any plan for tomorrow, I can’t go far because of the lockdown.  If the weather remains good, I may just stay here for another day.

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