Lockdown has now been forty days.  It’s been tough going hanging around, restricted in movements and being alone.  However, the end is in sight!  For the last two days New Zealand has had zero new cases of Coronavirus – this must mean the lockdown will end soon. Last weekend brought a northerly storm, fifty-five knot... Continue Reading →


Having sat through a dreary overcast day in Long Bay I decided that on Wednesday I would head into Havelock Marina and top up on water, diesel and get some fresh provisions on board. Havelock is a small town but has a Four Square store where all essential groceries can be obtained.  To make sure... Continue Reading →


Thursday after lunch I headed out from Richmond Bay, moved down Pelorus Sound and brought up in Jacobs Bay, a run of ten miles. Once securely moored in Jacobs Bay I went ashore in the dinghy for a walk.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a camp site, toilet and water tap.  The water is... Continue Reading →


This evening, at midnight, New Zealand goes to Alert level 4 and into a four-week lockdown to contain the spread of Coronavirus.  The instructions are ‘where you sleep tonight you should stay’.  That leaves me locked down on Truce for the next month. The guy I met ashore yesterday, his name is Graham, offered to... Continue Reading →

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