Having sat through a dreary overcast day in Long Bay I decided that on Wednesday I would head into Havelock Marina and top up on water, diesel and get some fresh provisions on board.

Havelock is a small town but has a Four Square store where all essential groceries can be obtained.  To make sure they were open I called ahead, yes, they were open and could also drop my provisions off at the marina for me.  I checked with the marina and got the green light to come in.

On Wednesday morning I took the flood tide up to the marina and was all secure alongside by ten in the morning.  The marina was very quiet, nobody around.  The Covid-19 lockdown is in full force with the marina closed to recreational boaties.

Restrictions on Recreational Boaties. Photo Ray Penson
Restrictions on Recreational Boaties. Photo Ray Penson

Once ashore, I walked the short distance into town and found the Four Square and Garage open.  I filled two shopping trollies with provisions.  I also purchased another Gas bottle as I am not sure how much I have remaining in the two on board.  The store manager delivered everything to the marina for me, excellent service, thank you Four Square.

With the provisions safely on board I headed back into town and obtained some engine oil from the garage.  There is an oil change due in another fifty engine hours and like to have some spare on board.  I also discovered that the garage had a laundry next door that was functioning.  Wonderful!  I went back to Truce and gathered all the laundry together and headed ashore again, remembering to take the dhobi dust with me this time.

Havelock town is a nice little place with cafes, restaurants, a good-looking pub, pharmacy and assorted shops.  But, due to the lockdown it was all shut up, hardly anyone around and very little traffic.

Deserted Main Street Havelock. Photo Ray Penson
Deserted Main Street Havelock. Photo Ray Penson

On return to Truce I spent some time stowing away all the new provisions and making the boat tidy again.  By which time the tide was flooding and darkness was falling.  Not feeling inclined to sail I stayed the night alongside and went for a walk around town and along the marina.  A couple of people were out walking their dogs and that was all the life around town.

I have sufficient provisions, fuel, water and gas to get me back to Auckland if the lockdown is lifted in the next couple of weeks.  Laundry is done, clean clothes and bedding again.  Garbage is ashore and in the recycling bins.  A very successful visit to Havelock.

Late Thursday morning, I waited for the tide to ebb, let go from the marina dock and dropped down the channel back towards Kenepuru Sound.  When approaching Putanui Point I noticed a mooring in a small cove on the south side.  I diverted and moored up just off a track in the bush.  Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus lockdown the track is closed, I was unable to stretch my legs.  Oh well, this seemed a nice quiet spot so I decided to stay overnight.

Friday morning there was a bit of a chop coming into my overnight mooring, I decided to move and headed around Putanui Point.  On the North side of Putanui Point I discovered another mooring in calm water just alongside a big mussel farm.  I moored up and spent a couple of hours in the calm and warm sunshine.  Unfortunately, this mooring is completely exposed to the north, a fair weather mooring only.

Later in the day I moved on further up Kenepuru Sound.  On the way I checked out the southern shore for anchorages providing shelter in a southerly blow.  The best option appears to be Te Mahia Bay, having a good depth of water and shelter on all side apart from NW.  This is a very attractive bay with some impressive houses surrounding it.  Happy that I had a bolt hole for a southerly blow I returned to Long Bay, just one and a half miles across the sound.

By early afternoon I was again moored in Long Bay.  A sheltered spot from all winds except south.  I will remain here, in lockdown and try to keep my sanity.

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