I lingered another day in Gisborne.  It’s a nice place and I wanted to have a look around.  There was no point in sailing earlier as the weather to the south at Castlepoint and Cook Strait is diabolical.  I didn’t expect so much bad weather at this time of year.

At 10:00 we let go from the marina and motored out into a flat calm Gisborne bay.  I motored until midday when a slight breeze set in from the north.  We set full sail and were moving along nicely at 5.5 knots when, an hour later, the wind died completely – what nonsense!

The no wind situation continued until sundowners.  I am just floating around out here, enjoying an evening beer and wondering why there is wind everywhere else but not in my patch of sea.

Well there is really no hurry as the forecast for Castlepoint and Cook to the south is still horrible.  I will just take my time and go with the weather gods.

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