Just before midnight last night a thick wet mist descended upon us.  It was a fog but the water droplets were like miniature rain, everywhere quickly became wet and visibility was very poor.  By 05:00 the mist had gone and it felt very wet and cold.

The weather remained calm until midday when a light N’ly picked up and by 15:00 we sailed slowly past Portland Island Light House.  By 18:00 the wind had died, we were becalmed again.

But wait, at 19:00 a NW wind set up and was soon blowing 15 knots.  Not the direction I wanted and the sky looked ominous, so I reefed the mainsail a couple of reefs.  Sure enough by 22:00 we had 20 knots and gusting, soon the third reef went into the main as the wind picked up to a gusty angry 25 knots.

With no safe anchorage available I tacked down towards Napier roads, trying to keep the boat comfortable as the sea was becoming rough with short seas.

Just riding the wave at the moment and trying to keep comfortable and reduce stress on the boat.  It’s still bad weather down to the south of us so I need to linger in this area for a few hours more before rounding Cape Kidnappers.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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