I awoke this morning completely rested.  The trip down from Mangonui had been quite tiring and a good sleep has put my mojo back.  Gisborne marina is well situated close to the town, with local 4 square and laundry close by.

This morning I fresh water washed down the boat, it was absolutely caked with salt after shipping so much spray over the last few days.  Then a trip up to 4 square to stock up on fresh bread and fruit.  A visit to the laundrette to do the dhobi, finally I picked up some ice for the cold box before returning on board.  Once back I set about making a well-deserved brunch.


With brunch out the way and feeling happy and healthy I started to get to grips with the Yanmar engine.  I soon found very dirty fuel in the primary filter, that’s the big filter between the fuel tanks and the engine.  I think the wild weather off the Mahia Peninsular stirred any dirt that had settled in the tanks and sent it to the filter.  I reckon the dirty fuel clogged the filter causing the engine to stop.

I have a spare filter cartridge on board so got to changing it out and washing the filter bowl and everything to ensure no further contamination.  Then I also changed the small fuel filter on the engine just in case any dirt had made its way that far in the system.  A dirty and messy job and of course some diesel made its way into the bilge requiring further cleaning.

As I was on a maintenance day, I decided to change out the Jabsco raw water impeller and clean out the raw water intake strainer basket.

Dirty fuel from the primary filter
Dirty fuel from the primary filter

After bleeding the fuel system, I started up Mr. Yanmar and he ran as smoothly as ever.  This was a relatively simple job, it took me well into the evening before everything was finished and tested, tools put away and the boat cleaned up.  Happy to have resolved the problem I went to bed feeling relaxed and tired.

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