I had a nice relaxing evening in the Waikiki Yacht Club bar last night.  Just gossiping and catching up with some other people’s perspective on the world.  Then I retired to Truce and had a good night’s rest. 

Waikiki Beach. Photo Ray Penson
Waikiki Beach. Photo Ray Penson

This morning I was up early out of habit and did a few small jobs around the boat.  Then I did the laundry run.  In the afternoon, I trekked up to West Marine for a couple of bit I need to do some maintenance.  It was a long hot walk, I came back via the beach and had a little paddle to cool the feet off.  The water is quite warm, almost warm enough for swimming I think.

The hustle and bustle of Honolulu is in contract to the other parts of Hawaii I have visited.  The cars here are shiny, they have stretch limo’s and four lane highways.  Then there are the police and ambulance sirens, all very noisy.  I didn’t see this level of wealth and affluence on the other islands.

This evening there was a great firework display.  Proper fireworks, big starbursts and loud bangs.  Tomorrow I will check out the tourist information place and see what activities are on offer.  I will wait for my daughter Jessica and my friend Richard to arrive next week before doing the tourist stuff.

In the meantime, I will chill out and write a log when anything interesting happens.  The next big event could be on Sunday when the first of the Transpac boats could arrive.  It’s a big trimaran and was doing thirty knots earlier today – insane speed, can’t be very comfortable.

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