Last night was the Waikiki Yacht Club party.  Another great party and I am partied out and ready for sea. Richard departed early this morning, back to the mainland.  Now its just Jessica and myself to undertake the final preparations for the voyage.  First was the US Immigration and Boarder Protection at Pier 1.  The... Continue Reading →


Today I really got into the cleaning and maintenance spirit.  One thing led to another and before I knew it lunchtime had arrived.  Today it was bilge cleaning, inside deck scrubbing, carpet washing and overhauling the Whale Gusher 25 bilge pump.  Doesn’t sound too much but it kept me occupied most of the day. I... Continue Reading →


This stop in Honolulu is providing an excellent opportunity to catch up with some maintenance that I have been unable to attend to whilst moving around.  In fact, it’s the only period of downtime alongside I have had since departing from Canoe Cove in BC.  In Canoe Cove my focus was on getting everything working... Continue Reading →


I had a nice relaxing evening in the Waikiki Yacht Club bar last night.  Just gossiping and catching up with some other people’s perspective on the world.  Then I retired to Truce and had a good night’s rest.  This morning I was up early out of habit and did a few small jobs around the... Continue Reading →


The fireworks display last night was quite monotonous, all the fireworks seemed the same roman candle type things.  No whiz bangs or bombs.  Maybe they are not allowed here. I awoke this morning early, someone was launching a boat from the jetty and making a big noise about it.  Oh well, it was a nice... Continue Reading →

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