Today I really got into the cleaning and maintenance spirit.  One thing led to another and before I knew it lunchtime had arrived.  Today it was bilge cleaning, inside deck scrubbing, carpet washing and overhauling the Whale Gusher 25 bilge pump.  Doesn’t sound too much but it kept me occupied most of the day.

First 3 Transpac Finishers. Photo Ray Penson
First 3 Transpac Finishers. Photo Ray Penson

I didn’t get out and about today, all day confined in Waikiki Yacht Club marina.  Tomorrow I need to explore a bit more.  I also need to get some fresh fruit and veg – fresh papaya for breakfast is essential.  My hunt for Nido milk powder continues – all I can find is fat free milk powder and it tastes like cardboard.  What is it with the USA – everything seems to be fat free.

Whale Gusher 25 Bilge PumpThe three leading Transpac trimarans have now all arrived in Ala Wai.  The first boat was Mighty Merloe with a time of 4 days 6 hours and 33 minutes.  They broke the 20-year-old Transpac trimaran record that was held by a French boat.  Maserati (the favourite) came in third after hitting something at sea and damaging one of her rudders. 

The second boat, Phfedo is moored on the same dock as Truce and I watched their arrival last night.  They have actually done the route in 3 days 16 hours but not in the Transpac race.  What strikes me about these boats is how light they are and how simple the rig seems to be.  Phfedo has a six-man crew, I don’t expect they get much luxury in the tight confines of a slender centre hull.

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