Last night was a restless, the wind was blustery and fretful.  Nothing severe, but every so often a gust of wind to bring Truce hard up on the anchor chain and make the snubber complain.

At six the sum was starting to pop up and the anchor was up as well, we headed out of Lono Harbour.  Once outside we motored for thirty minutes and then picked up the breeze at Laau Point, at the west end of Molokai.  Once we picked up the wind it was a beautiful sail all the way across to Oahu, a broad reach in fifteen to twenty knots of wind.

By midday we were off Diamond Head (where the Transpac race finishes) with only had a couple of miles to run into the entrance channel to the marina.  At one we were all secure alongside the Waikiki Yacht Club marina in Honolulu.

The people at the Yacht Club were all very welcoming and friendly.  I have been enjoying the facilities, showers, cold beer, fresh salads and human company.

Truce is moored along side a gleaming Swan yacht and looks a little worn and faded in such company.  I will get to work getting her cleaned up and looking her best during the coming week.

Everyone here is getting geared up for the arrival of the Transpac race which is held every two years.  The first big boats are on the way from Los Angeles and expected to arrive in the next few days.  They will cover the two thousand plus miles much faster than I did.

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