By the time the wind had died down last night it was too late to go ashore, never mind, I had a couple of glasses of Mount Gay and settled in to watch a movie.  I watched an Australian film ‘Wolf Creek’ quite nasty and blood thirsty and based upon a true story.  It didn’t give me any bad dreams and I slept like a baby.

This morning I put the kayak in the water and headed off to shore.  On approaching the beach, I was met by a bunch of people hurling some serious abuse at me vociferous manner.  They were making it clear that I was not wanted and that I should take my boat and head out.  Well, the natives were certainly restless, there was no point in going ashore if that was the reception, no way I could leave the inflatable kayak on the beach unattended.  Instead I went for a kayak along the shore and used some muscles I had forgotten existed.

Later inn the day I spoke to an American couple on a boat about this unusual incident and they said they had heard there was a group of people at that place that were hostile to anyone using the beach from boats.  What a shame, they live in near paradise and still have anger management problems.  Oh well, another stitch in the rich tapestry of life.

Papaya for breakfast.  What a great breakfast fruit with some fresh lemon squeezed on.  The papaya here is the best I have tasted since Nigeria.

After breakfast, I picked up the anchor and sailed across to Maalaea Harbour to see if they had a transient berth available.  I didn’t like the look of the place so headed back out and down the coast towards Mc Gregor Point past some lovely secluded sandy beaches.  At Mc Gregor point the wind switched from fifteen knots to zero, you could clearly see the wind line on the water.

My next stop was Lahaina Harbour.  I poked my nose in, its quite tight inside, not much room to turn around.  I tried call in the harbourmaster but the office is shut until Monday.  I will call again, I hope they have a berth available for a couple of nights.  The town from the sea looks great and I would like to spend some time there.

This evening I anchored at Mala, just along the coast from Lahaina.  As soon as I had anchored an American couple arrived, Hayden and Marina, in an inflatable, asking if I needed anything and offered to run me ashore to the shops.  They had watched me sail into the anchorage and seen the New Zealand flag.  I happily accepted their offer for a run ashore and now have fresh milk, cheese, eggs, fruit and veg on board.  The fruit and veg here is awesome, looks like it’s just been collected from the garden and tastes wonderful.

I will cook something delicious and fresh tonight and then plan to watch Salmon fishing in Yemen.  Sounds bizarre.

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