This morning I launched the Kayak and paddled ashore for a look around the town.  I was in town by eight so it was a little early and today is the 4th July, Independence Day.  America has not done bad since independence – but think how much more they could have achieved if still governed by the UK.  They would even have a Queen – which they sadly miss.

Anyway, the town is small but has everything a cruising sailor could wish for.  A library for free Wi-Fi, grocery store, hardware store, Berger bar, ATM’s, café and assorted small stores.  I didn’t have much time to play with as I knew the wind would kick in at ten and I needed to be back on the boat before then.

As predicted the wind kicked in at ten and it blew even harder than yesterday.  I moved anchorage to a spot further into the harbour and a bit further from the reef, which is still only 45 meters away.
As Truce was sailing around the anchor in the strong gusts I dropped the 35 lbs Bruce over the bow on a short line, this helped reduce the swing.

Well, the wind blew all day until six in the evening.  The boat next to me broke its mooring and drifted past me.  Nothing I could do to stop it and less than a minute later it was crunching and grinding on the reef.  A total loss I would expect.  So sad.  I had the engine ready to go in case we dragged but thankfully the anchor held.  There were a number of big turtles  in the anchorage, so unusual to see them swimming around.

At six, after the wind had died down I paddled ashore in the kayak and went for a walk.  Then had a freshening cold-water shower on the jetty.  I love cold water showers in the tropics – you come out feeling so fresh and alive.

This evening is calm, the stars are out and the locals are treating me to a firework display on the jetty.  The jetty seems to be the place to go in town, here is a constant stream of cars up and down all day and night.

Tomorrow I will take it easy, wait for the easterly trade wind to set in and then get blown further down the coast of Molokai.  I am still trying to get a berth in Honolulu, didn’t have much luck today as it’s a public holiday.

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