The rain woke me up at five this morning, it was pouring cats and dogs.  So funny there is a water shortage in Wrangell.

I took Truce around to the travel lift and got hauled out.  The hull fouling was pretty surprising, lots of crustaceans stuck limpet style to the hull.  Apparently the spat for these creatures is released in late June and they go crazy, clinging and invading anything in the water.  I pressure washed for an hour and got most of the critters off.  Then it was onto the stand and out with the scrapper to finish off.

Truce on the hard in Wrangell
Truce on the hard in Wrangell

I was interested to check the stern gear as I suspected the stern bearing was worn.  Sometimes in cross currents and tide rips there is a knocking noise.  On inspection the bearing looked fine, no play and shaft turning easily.  I had earlier checked the engine mounts and they were OK.  What could it be?  As I was cleaning paint off the shaft strut I noticed some pitting.

Fouling on Hull
Fouling on Hull

Further cleaning and a close look revealed what looked like a crack in the strut.  The application of a bit of brute force showed the strut was flexing at the crack.  This explains the occasional knocking and is now a big problem looking for a solution.    The strut is a bronze casting, not easy to fix. Like Kay in Men in Black I will have to eat pie and wait for a solution to appear.  I suppose I should be thankful I found it now.

Crack on prop strut
Crack on prop strut

After nine days of no sun – sunshine.  For a couple of hours at midday we had bright sunshine, everything dried up and it was warm.  Beautiful.  By six in the evening we are back to overcast and drizzle.  The forecast for the weekend is optimistic, good news for me doing antifouling.  I can’t find pie in Wrangell so will try and get a strut fix inspiration for a strut fix from beer at Rayme’s bar.

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