Not a drop of rain overnight and the morning was dry and sunny.  After a quick cup of tea I was back out rolling anti fouling paint.  The second coat was finished by ten in the morning, just in time for smoko.  Then it was back out to get a third coat on the high... Continue Reading →


Another early start and full day in the shipyard.  The body was a bit stiff this morning and it took a while to up to full speed.   Wonderful weather for painting, nice cloud cover, not too hot and no rain.  By four this afternoon the antifouling was complete, just the patches to touch up when... Continue Reading →


An early start today, got to get working, got to get out the shipyard. The weather today was perfect, just a bit of drizzle, not enough to stop work. All day I have been cleaning, scraping, sanding and painting. Truce is now almost ready for antifouling paint. After a couple of glasses of amber nectar... Continue Reading →


The rain woke me up at five this morning, it was pouring cats and dogs.  So funny there is a water shortage in Wrangell. I took Truce around to the travel lift and got hauled out.  The hull fouling was pretty surprising, lots of crustaceans stuck limpet style to the hull.  Apparently the spat for... Continue Reading →


My third night at Portage Bay was peaceful, the wind died down late last night and I was able to get a good night’s sleep.  The sun tried to break through the clouds today but didn’t succeed.  I could detect a bit of warmth and my solar panel registered a one-amp charge briefly.  It’s no... Continue Reading →

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