Last night I sampled the night life of Wrangell. Friendly people and extreme casual dress code.  I was intent on Pizza but the topping options were too difficult so I opted for Halibut and chips instead, a good choice.

This morning the newscaster on the local radio forecast a ninety percent of rain.  A pretty sure bet really and its rained on and off all day.  Not a glimpse of sun today, its now nine days since I have seen the sun. The weather systems are just not moving at the moment, low over the Gulf of Alaska is just stuck.

Today I caught up with some maintenance, changed the oil and fuel filters on the engine and refilled Yanmar with fresh oil.  I had to bleed the fuel system on the engine after changing the filter, something I don’t like doing, the bleed screws are so delicate and easy to break.

Tomorrow Truce will be lifted onto the hard for a wash down and antifoul.  The travel lift was broken but the guys fixed it today.  We are all ready, this afternoon I hired a pressure washer for the wash down.  After a week of rain, I need a break in the weather for the antifouling painting.

The Bear Fest starts in Wrangell today.   I went into town to see what was happening – nothing.  Maybe this evening there will be some action.  They have a chef flying up from Seattle to demonstrate how to cook salmon.  I hope it’s not another version of the deep fat fryer that everything seems to be subjected to in Alaska.

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