It rained again last night and continued intermittently all day today.  I feel like a human wick.  Can’t remember the last time I felt the warmth of the sun.  But, today for the first time this voyage we had wind from the right direction.

Last night I heard a high pitched eagle squawking.  A large Bald Eagle had taken a dislike to the wind instruments on a yacht in the marina and decided to demolish them.  Bit of plastic flew everywhere and the poor boat owner will be $1.000 poorer.

We departed Prince Rupert this morning and set sail for Alaska.  The wind was pretty good for the first part and became light for the last couple of hours in an uncomfortable lumpy sea.

We crossed over the boarder but didn’t see the line in the sea.  This evening we are anchored in Foggy Bay which is the designated anchorage for boats entering into Alaska.  Tomorrow we will continue on to Ketchikan, which is a port of entry, to clear into The USA.  Once cleared we should have a cruising permit and be allowed to explore Alaskan waters.  Total voyage distance 704.1 miles.

Logged 29th May 2016

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