Almost finished cleaning the jetty
Almost finished cleaning the jetty

An early start this morning, the wind came calling so I pulled the anchor and made for Green Point Rapids.  We arrived early but didn’t have too much current against.  When we popped out the West side the wind had got up to gale force.

Despite best efforts of Mr Yanmars 27 hp we were going nowhere fast apart from bobbing up and down.  Then the autopilot couldn’t handle the wind gusts so we ducked for cover up Loughborough Sound.  I wasn’t sure we would find good shelter but I didn’t want to back track.

First we looked into Beaver Inlet, it was howling so had a look in Sidney Bay.  This looked a little better.  Fortunately I spotted a guy on a floating dock and he offered a berth for a dollar per foot.

Now that’s $36 and I don’t have any cash on board.  So it was agreed I would do some work and helped Jim clean the dock off.  He received 3 hours labour so not s bad deal.

The forecast for tomorrow does not look too good.  Maybe there will be s lull in the morning to make a break out.  Voyage distance 182.9 miles

Logged 29th April 2016.

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