Once again waiting. The EPIRB was delivered today to Canoe Cove by Canada Post today. Now it’s is on its way to Port McNeil by Courier. Hopefully, fingers crossed it will arrive tomorrow.

It looks like I will miss my sailing window early tomorrow morning and the forecast is now giving 40 knot N W’ly winds for Saturday and Sunday. Oh well that’s life, I don’t mind waiting for weather because that’s just nature and it’s out of our control.

Waiting on man-made delays is not so easy to bear.

This morning I did the supermarket and booze run. We are now stocked up for the next leg. I will try and make the remaining diesel on board last until Alaska as fuel prices are lower there. It should be OK as long as we can do a couple of hours sailing each day.

So we are almost ready for departure. I will take the pig out the water tomorrow morning and put her on deck. This will be another superhuman effort and hope we can get it done without too much damage to body or structure.

I turned the boat around today in the dock so we are pointing the right way for departure. It doesn’t make any difference really, just feels better.

The weather was beautiful again today and I went for a walk to see the famous Port McNeil Burl. There is no doubt it is a seriously big burl, its not an official world record apparently, but I can’t imagine there is a lot of competition for the biggest burl.

Port McNiell burl the worlds largest. Photo Ray Penson
Port McNiel burl the worlds largest. Photo Ray Penson

Logged 6th May 2016


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