Today we had progress, the ships registration documents arrived from NZ along with the graphics for the change of registry. I also learnt that the EPIRB from New Zealand has been released by Canadian Customs after only 28 days in their custody. Now I just need to find a way to get hold of it after its

been delivered to Canoe Cove. This morning I did an oil change on the engine. Not an easy job on this engine and it got very messy.

The old oil has to be sucked out of the dipstick hole with a large bicycle pump type apparatus with a slim hose on the end. Its impossible to do this operation without oil dribbling everywhere. What a dumb set up, the Beta Marine engine on our last boat was so easy, just pump out with a lift pump, stick a new filter on and put the new oil in. I can’t understand why Yanmar are so popular as sail boat engines, they are awful to work on, or this one is anyway.

Later in the morning I topped up with fresh water, which is supposed to be pure with no additives in Port Mcneill, then filled one of the propane bottles which was empty.

This afternoon I started to put the new graphics on the boat, they look very smart and I am trying very hard not to screw it up. I will need to turn the boat around to get at the port side. If it doesn’t rain I will get it finished tomorrow.

Yacht Truce Starboard side Graphics completed.Photot Ray Penson
Yacht Truce Starboard side Graphics completed.Photo Ray Penson

I plan to sail early on Saturday morning to catch a favourable tide up the Queen Charlotte Strait. But if there is a chance I can get the EPIRB on board in the next couple of days I may delay. Its very frustrating to keep delaying progress and seeing other boats all heading out. But this will be the last outstanding item so I don’t have much choice. Total Voyage distance 266.5 miles.

logged 5th May 2016

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