Woke up this morning to the same weather forecast, gale warning North Westerlies as usual. The sky was very overcast, low cloud and a chill in the air, one of those very grey days. But it was quite calm so we kicked off at six hoping to get some distance in before the wind picked up.

Ferry departing Port McNeill, Canada
Ferry departing Port McNeill, Canada

We motored out of Potts lagoon and down the Baronet Passage. A dark brooding piece of water with strong currents swirling around. At the end of Barronet passage we headed up Blackney Pass with a plan to anchor in Double Bay where shelter can be found from the prevailing wind.

Interesting tide rips in Blackney Pass and heaps of big logs floating around. Have to keep a good lookout for logs as the heavier ones don’t show much above the water. It gets interesting in the whirlpools as the logs slowly rotate and when the boat suddenly gets swung around 30 degrees towards one its time to take swift avoiding action.

We had a look inside Double Bay and didn’t like to look of it, lots of moorings, old piles and junk around. The wind had not arrived so decided to move on to Alert bay a few more miles further. Arrived into Alert Bay in pouring Rain and cold. Still not too much wind, just enough to be interesting. More wind is now forecast for tonight.

Alert Bay looks like an fascinating place, lots of totems can be seen on shore. If the rain and wind godown I will try and get ashore for a walk around. In the meantime, the fire is on and its quite cosy inside the boat.

Tomorrow we will arrive in Port McNeill where I hope to pick up a courier package from New Zealand, take on Kerosene, Diesel, Propane, fresh water, food provisions and top up the cocktail cabinet. A shower and laundry will also be on the agenda. Total Voyage distance 260.5 miles.

Logged 3rd May 2016

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