I had breakfast in the cockpit at 7 this morning in shorts and brilliant sunshine. Then I went and retrieved the (empty) crab pot. But not discouraged, the bait had gone so I just need to place the bait better and should have some results next time.

Breakfast at the cockpit sailing yacht Truce. Vancouver to Alaska.
Breakfast at the cockpit sailing yacht Truce. Vancouver to Alaska.

The forecast today was not good so only a short hop planned for the morning when conditions are usually calmer around here. Even managed a couple of hours sailing under the headsail. Then pulled into a place called Potts Lagoon, which one guide describes as the best anchorage on the coast.

Shortly after anchoring it blew hard from the South East, it’s now blowing just as hard from the North West, around 30 knots.

I saw another yacht today, a large one anchored in a bay some distance off. Like most nights, I am the only boat in the anchorage again this evening.

This place looks good for crabs but don’t want to risk a trip in the Pig in this wind, so will have to wait until calmer days for my first crab. Total voyage distance 238.9 miles.

Logged 2nd May 2016

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