It’s always good to have a plan B. Today I had a plan B, C and D, Then ended up using plan E. The weather forecast today was for the same strong N W’ly winds as yesterday which would make progress up the Johnstone Strait impossible. As there is no option to using the Johnstone Strait if going north to Alaska and its always good to make westerly progress in this notorious waterway.

The morning forecast was for lighter winds and I set off early to get as far as possible up the track before the wind and sea increased.

However, the forecast winds didn’t show up and we motored in calm conditions past the first three selected refuges and ended up at a very cosy and sheltered anchorage named Burial Cove on East Cracroft Island.

We are a long way up the Johnstone Strait and great progress made. We will now take some time to explore the islands and coves in the area before dropping down for a provisions stop at Port McNeill.

I was wondering this afternoon how many places in the world I have been with names starting with Port or Porto. I joined my first ship in Portland, there are hundreds of such places, showing the importance of maritime trade to our recent history.

Since leaving Nanaimo seven days ago I have seen only three other sailing Yachts. It’s still early in the year and most sailing boats heading north haven’t set out yet. Most of the trip so far has been spent motoring.

The wind has for the most part been missing or bang on the nose, both conditions no good for sailing. Sitting on the bow and using noise cancelling headphones takes some of the pain out of motoring.

Fresh stores on board are running out now, we don’t have a fridge on board, and yesterday I baked bread. So nice to have fresh bread on board. Total voyage distance 222.3 miles

Logged April 30th 2016.

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