Thursday 1st April.  I took the dinghy ashore and visited Marine and General.  I explained the engine problem with the engineers, after answering all their questions they concluded the most probable cause is a blocked or worn injector.  Anyway, that is the first place to look as there is nothing else obvious that hasn’t already been looked at.

They suggested I bring Truce alongside their jetty and take the injectors out so they can test them in their fuel shop.  This seemed a good idea and I returned to Truce, started the engine (it fired first time) let go of the mooring and thirty minutes later we were tied up alongside the Marine and General Jetty.  A further thirty minutes and I had the three injectors out and in the workshop with the fuel injection engineer for testing.

Now we just had to wait for the test results later in the afternoon.  It was a nice day and Ngozi and I took a walk into the city.  Its not too far and a nice walk along the Maitai River.  Nelson is a nice city, quite arty and had colourful hanging baskets on all the city centre streets.  We had coffee and cake at the Sweet As café.  I had visited this café years previously and it was still as good.

In the afternoon I had a phone call from the fuel injection engineer, the news was both good and bad.  Good that he had found two of the injectors were well worn and needed replacement, the third injector was marginal.  Bad that it’s going to cost, Yanmar spare parts are ludicrously expensive.  We agreed that the three injectors should be replaced and the order had been placed.  Hopefully, this will cure the engine problems.

Tomorrow is good Friday and the easter holiday starts the next working day is the 6th of April.  We will have to wait a few days for the injectors to arrive from Auckland.  No problem, there is lots to see and do in Nelson, there is no hurry, sailing teaches patience.

Friday evening we went out for dinner with Ian and his wife Sue at Trailways.  We had a good time, good food and refreshments.  Later in the evening we were dropped off at Truce happy and tired for a good night’s rest.

Saturday Ian turned up to take us out to Mapua Wharf.  Another glorious warm sunny day.  Mapua Wharf is an interesting place, very pretty with the old cold store and warehouses converted to bars, restaurants and shops.  Ian took us to the museum and showed us photos of the old scow he used to work on loading timber for Wellington.  We had lunch and refreshments at the Jelly Fish bar overlooking the harbour, very good.  After exploring Mapua for a while we drove the short distance to Motueka and had a look around before returning to Nelson.

On Monday we went around to Monaco, close by the airport.  There is a nice pub there called The Honest Lawyer, a real oxymoron of a name.  A bit like an English country pub with gardens and tables overlooking the estuary.  We sat in the garden and enjoyed the refreshments and warm weather.  Very peaceful, only disturbed by the occasional plane passing close overhead on final approach to the airport.

Tuesday the 6th of April and Ngozi departed at nine this morning for the airport, she is returning to Auckland.  Once again I am solo sailing.  We have had a good time between Tarakohe and Nelson.  Our time in Abel Tasman was shorter than planned and a couple of days we didn’t have good weather, but there is always next time.

Today I also learnt that the new injectors are arriving and will be ready to test before fitting. I am looking forward to fitting the new injectors and, fingers crossed, Mr Yanmar will spring back into life like his old self. I have cleaned out the injector ports and removed the old copper washers ready to receive the new injectors. The I just need to put everything back together again and hope I don’t have any nuts and bolts left over at the end of it.

I am starting to look at the weather for going north.  It looks like I have missed perfect few days of southerly breeze up the west coast.  A northerly flow will be setting in for a while with some strong westerlies thrown in.  Never mind, I will just wait for the right weather window to appear.  I don’t really mind if I go up the west or east coast back to Auckland, I will just go with the best weather when it occurs.


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  1. I had the injectors rebuilt on Caro Babbo a few years back – we have the same engine as you know. Ours were gummed up. (Our problem, low power, eventually turned out to be a jammed kill cable.)


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