A blustery night in Te Ana Marina last night, with doubled up dock lines Truce was snug and secure, I slept well.  This morning was less windy fresh and sunny.

I had a late start and messed around on the boat before heading off to do the laundry.  Suddenly it hit me, I had forgotten the Lyttleton Farmers market, held every Saturday morning.  Too late, the big event of the week and I had been sitting reading outdated magazines in the laundry!  I am a bit disappointed but at least I have clean bedding tonight.

After lunch I took the Black Cat ferry across from Lyttleton to Diamond Harbour.  It’s only a short ferry ride and free to me with my gold card.

Diamond Harbour Jetty Photo Ray Penson
Diamond Harbour Jetty Photo Ray Penson

Once ashore at Diamond Harbour I set off on the Coastal track towards Parau Bay.  A beautiful walk along the coast, the visibility was crystal clear and the scenery stunning.  At the head of Parau bay there is a small settlement, I didn’t get that far.  Feeling in need of refreshment I turned off the track and headed back towards the village centre at Diamond Harbour.

At the village I found the café served draft beer, oh wonders will never cease.  I enjoyed a couple of draft beers sitting in the sun chatting with fellow travellers.  What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Late afternoon I took the ferry back to Lyttleton.  Diamond Harbour is a good place, very laid back with an Island feel.  I am pleased I made the effort to go, a nice day out.  I am feeling tired now, done quite a bit of walking in the last couple of days.

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