I awoke early this morning after a peaceful night on the mooring in Waikawa Bay.  It was still dark when I ventured out of the hatch, summer seems to be waning, shorter days.  The forecast was for variable winds with a N’ly in the afternoon.  It didn’t happen and remained stubbornly calm all day.

When the mooring was let go I motored up Queen Charlotte Sound.  I seem to be forever motoring this trip, the wind just has not been on my side so far.  As I was expecting a N’ly breeze I didn’t stop at Cooks Cove but kept on heading north.  I expected to sail westward on the N’ly breeze later but that didn’t happen, I rounded Cape Jackson in flat calm.  Next, I motored past Cape Lambert, Alligator Head, Culdaff Point, Harding Point and finally Clay Point before heading into Turners Bay for an overnight anchorage.

The engine was running for nine hours today and not a breath of wind, the mainsail hung loose, annoying me all day.

Turners Bay looks like a peaceful anchorage, just off a small jetty and inside rows of oyster or mussel farm buoys.  I spent a happy early evening sitting in the last suns warmth, drinking rum and coke and making a few repairs to the mainsail.  It seems to wear the sail out when it just hangs loose and flops about more than sailing.

Tomorrow I will pass south through French Pass and exit the sounds.  The plan is to sail over to Abel Tasman National Park.  The S’ly stream through French Pass starts at 08:15 so I don’t need an early start, French Pass is only 4 miles away from Turners Bay.

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