I awoke with a sore head yesterday morning, maybe caused by too many beers at Eruption Brewery  the night before.  A cup of tea followed by a cup of coffee and I was fine again.

Ngozi and friends we had met in Melbourne came down to visit.  They brought beer and lots of good things to eat.  We spent all day on board, sitting in the cockpit, drinking, eating, chatting and relaxing.  The day was sunny and warm, although a cold wind occasionally reminded us where we were.

Lyttelton Marina Photo Ray Penson
Lyttelton Marina Photo Ray Penson

In the evening we tried to get a table at Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant, unfortunately it was fully booked.  We looked around and found Nommnom Kitchen where they had a table for us.  What a brilliant restaurant, great service and wonderful food.  I didn’t expect to find such a quality place in Lyttleton.  Recommended.

Fed, watered and feeling happy I was dropped off at the marina to say my goodbyes to Ngozi.  She is staying with friends in Christchurch tonight and flies out early morning Sunday.  It had been a brief encounter, but we will meet up again down the track fairly soon.

This morning, being Sunday I had a lie in, Then it was chore time, after muffins, marmalade and coffee for breakfast.  First I headed up to the laundrette to do the laundry.  Doing the laundry is quite therapeutic, the machines can’t be hurried and the forced waiting is taken up reading old magazines – which have really interesting stories.

Once the laundry was done I returned to Truce and launched the dinghy so I could run a stern line to the outboard marina pile.  Now I can haul Truce away from the dock so she is not sitting on the fenders and graunching away at the hull paintwork.

Then it was onto more menial chores, restowing the mainsail and putting a cover on.  Checking the rig and replacing a split pin and seizing a shackle on the main halyard.  All these little things that come loose or wear when at sea can lead to calamity if not caught in time.

I am happy to have an additional stern line out this evening.  The wind is up again, but we are comfortable and lying clear of the dock.

Tomorrow will be an interesting day I think.  I will get the insurance people on the phone and decide a course of action to move on repairs.

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