Strange weather this morning, overcast and cool with drizzle and calm.  Today I am going to explore a bit further north and head into the anchorage for the night.

By mid-morning the sun had appeared and everything was drying out.  Ashore on Adele Island I could see several DOC workers walking about in the bush.  It looks like they are tending traps to catch any predators that may be there.  The Island seems full of birdlife, they make quite a noise all day.

I picked up the anchor, it was well dug in and I had to soak it out.  Nice to see the anchor came up with thick grey clay mud on it.  It made a real mess on the foredeck but it’s nice to know its good holding in that anchorage.

No wind again so I slowly motored up the coast, taking care to avoid the numerous kayakers out and about.  As I turned into the anchorage I saw a yacht anchored in what I had selected as the best anchoring spot.  As I turned around the stern of the other yacht the guy on board gave a wave and then shouted, “Is that Ray Penson?”  I did a double take and then recognised the guy.  It was Steve Hall.  We first met in Alaska in 2016.  We then ran into each other in Tonga in 2017.  Now we meet up again – it’s a small world.

Fortunately, Steve has a fridge on board, which means cold beer.  The evening was spent catching up on events of the last couple of years and sampling various beers.  A great end to the day.

Steve on Torea departing the Anchorage. Photo Ray Penson
Steve on Torea departing the Anchorage. Photo Ray Penson

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