A funny night at anchor, the wind was from the north, but it came into Stilwell bay from the south with little waves causing a joggle.  I could see the boats in the anchorage under Adele Island, only half a mile away, facing to the north and we were facing in the opposite direction.   The night was peaceful enough, but I decided not to anchor there again.

This morning I did some housekeeping and changed the engine oil.  I usually do it every 150 hours, this time I did it a bit early as a precaution as I feel the engine has been running hard and we have had the fuel filter problems which may have affected the oil in some way.  Now Mr Yanmar is topped up with fresh oil and should be good to go for another 150 hours.

Early afternoon I moved anchorage to Watering Cove.  A beautiful anchorage just off a beach with a campsite and a stream.  I chatted to a local yachtie and he advised me of the best anchorages for the northerly blow we are expecting tomorrow.  Seems there are two decent all-weather anchorages in the park, his preference being on the west side of Adele Island.  I think I will take his advice and check out the anchorage tomorrow.

Truce anchored in Watering Cove taken from Observation Beach Photo Ray Penson
Truce anchored in Watering Cove taken from Observation Beach Photo Ray Penson

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