Truce is tucked up in the Town Basin at Whangarei.  A secure spot right in the centre of town close to all facilities, bars, restaurants, cafes and shops.  This must be one of the best temporary stops in New Zealand.  He forecast is for high winds – I have put out a couple of extra mooring lines. 

Ngozi arrived just after nine and it was great to meet up again.  The last time we were together was early June in San Francisco.  We went up into town, had a nice brunch, watched a bit of the predictable match between the All Blacks and Argentinian Pumas, filled up my empty gas bottle and generally caught up on what’s been happening since I been away.

Later in the day the previous owners of Truce came by and stopped for a drink and a chat.  So, a nice social day in Whangarei.

Shattered jam jar
Shattered jam jar

In the evening, I was opening a glass jar and the whole thing shattered in my hand, cutting the top of my right index finger quire badly.  I used some steri-strips to close the wound, wrapped plaster around it to hold it all together with a finger stall on top.  Cutting that finger is particularly annoying – it’s the finger that does everything. 

The weather forecast is quite horrendous.  Very strong south westerly winds with speeds up to fifty knots.  I will hunker down in Whangarei until conditions outside are more favourable to continue down to Auckland.

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  1. My parents were married in Whangrei in 1954. My mother was a brit as is my Dad but she was a nurse in the RNZN and Dad was seconded to RNZN during Korea conflict. My Mum learnt to drive on the beach there!


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