I was awoken this morning by the patter of rain on the coach roof and the creaking of the mooring lines.  Fortunately, it was time to get up and no precious sleep was lost.

The northerly wind was causing little waves to enter the harbour and set Truce jiggling alongside and gently rolling.  There was a danger that the cap shrouds would touch the adjacent boat when both boats rolled towards each other.  I shifted Truce a bit further inshore to reduce the risk, a bit of a palaver as I have five mooring lines out.

Once the boat was settled I headed ashore.  Any thoughts of exploring the island had disappeared as the weather was threatening rain again and still windy. On my way into town I was given a lift by Dave, my new best mate in Nuku’alofa.  Dave is a bone carver and part time tour guide, in fact he is enthusiastic to do anything for money it seems.  Dave dropped me at an internet café where the kids go – fastest internet so far and only cost a dollar, unfortunately there is no wifi.

When I returned to Truce the waves were making her surge alongside – I put out another stern line, now we have six lines out.  There is a trough approaching and I expect the winds will come around to the east as it passes through.

If the weather is good tomorrow I will take a trip and visit Cooks landing place.  I am really not too interested in seeing the rest of the island – my mind is on departure and not sightseeing.

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