Last night we attended a great party at the Honolulu Yacht Club.  All the Transpac race boats have now finished so there was a great celebration and lots of sailor stories.  The food, wine and music were excellent with good company.

Ready to Sail. Photo Ray Penson
Ready to Sail. Photo Ray Penson

This morning was a little subdued.  We spent the day doing odd jobs and getting the boat ready for the voyage ahead.  Not much to do really, Truce is ready to go, she is almost straining at her moorings to get out of here.  Jessica and I feel the same way and are looking forward to leaving tomorrow.

A trip to Walmart allowed us to top up with dry provisions and to load additional fresh water bottles.  It’s going to be a hot trip and we will need plenty of drinking water.  We don’t have a fridge or freezer on board so the selection of dry goods and canned provisions is important to maintain a healthy diet.

Richard will be departing early tomorrow morning and we had a final lunch together at a Vietnamese restaurant, the Pho Saigon.  The food was excellent and fresh – pity we didn’t find it earlier.

This evening we have another party at the Waikiki Yacht club.  I am sure by tomorrow morning the call of the sea, open ocean, solitude and Kiritimati will be stronger than ever.


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