We all had a wonderful day out on Ohau today.  A very kind gentleman we met at the yacht club, Don, offered to take us the North Shore.

Jessica and Ray penson
Jessica and Ray penson

Don picked us up shortly after nine and we headed out of town.  Very nice to get out of the city and see some of the countryside and beautiful beaches.

Mai Tai Time
Mai Tai Time

Don stopped of at a shrimp truck along the way and we ate beautiful fresh garlic and lemon shrimp with rice.  Simple fresh food is always the best.  Then we headed on and found the best Mai Tai on the Island.

On the way back to Honolulu we stopped to fill up our cooking gas cylinder, buy a jerry can of diesel and some dry provisions for the upcoming voyage.  We are now topped up with Gas, Diesel and just need a few more provisions and fresh food before heading out on Friday.

Mai Tai time with Don
Mai Tai time with Don

Both Jessica and I are ready to depart now, we have had our fill of Honolulu and want to get to sea.  Kiritimati and the adventure ahead is calling.


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