Brisbane Marina is quite close to the San Francisco Airport, planes can be clearly heard taking off and landing.  During the night, I awoke a couple of times thinking the wind was whistling through the rigging, only to realise it was the noise of jet engines in the distance.  I closed the deck hatch to keep the noise out and awoke in the morning with a headache.

Ngozi arrived this morning – received a call “do you want me here or not?  Where are you?” I went out the marina gate to find Ngozi sitting wrapped up against the cold in a grumpy mood.  She had not read my message about the exact location to go to.  A couple of minutes later hardship forgotten and everybody happy. 

We had an easy day, went for a walk around Sierra Point.  Had a late lunch and just chilled out, catching up on what’s been happening.  The weather was cool this morning but turned out lovely in the afternoon, just a bit windy.  Tonight, we will try and find some dinner out somewhere.

Tomorrow we are moving to a different marina on the Oakland side for four days.  It will be nice sailing with company and not having to perform balancing acts to make a cup of tea when sailing.

We will leave Brisbane Marina in the morning – otherwise we will be pinned to the dock by the wind all afternoon.

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