An early start from Drakes Bay after a wonderful peaceful sleep, Truce gently rocking all night.  The plan was to ride the flood tide into the Harbour and under the Golden Gate Bridge.  There was a slight southerly wind, not enough for sailing, so it was motor all the way.

Shortly after departing Drakes Bay I saw three Pelicans (my beak can hold more than by belly can)  floating around.  This is a good sign as Pelicans are known to dislike cold areas.

Approaching Golden Gate Bridge. Photo Ray Penson
Approaching Golden Gate Bridge. Photo Ray Penson

The day was foggy, the Radar was on and picking up numerous fishing vessels.  As we rounded Bonita point the southern section of the Golden Gate bridge could be seen first and then the whole bridge came into view with Alcatraz Island beyond in the distance.  The upper parts of the bridge covered by cloud.  A wonderful sight.  As we passed a guy was waving frantically and shouting, I did the same in return – a strange moment – I don’t know who was more excited, him or me.  There was also a whale swimming around as we approached the bridge, I didn’t expect that.

Five minutes after passing the bridge I had the Jib pulling softly and the engine shut down.  Peace and quiet on board, sun shining as I started to shed layers of clothing.  The steep streets of San Francisco could be clearly seen running down to the waterfront, for some reason it reminded me of Istanbul, I don’t know why.  We ghosted along the waterfront, showing off as numerous ferries passed, going in and out of their respective docks.

Chat Plot Approaching Golden Gate
Chat Plot Approaching Golden Gate

The city district seemed smaller than I had imagined.  The iconic Transamerica building could be clearly seen.  The skyscrapers here aren’t the slender wafer thin types seen in the far and middle east.  They look stockier, heavier and far more solid.

I then continued to the South under the Bay Bridge, It’s a double decker bridge, what an ingenious idea.  Top lane flows one way, bottom layer the other.  Destination is Brisbane Marina.

Advantages are its close to the airport and cheaper than others.  Its turned out to be a rather sterile place, not far from nowhere.  The Sierra Point Yacht Club is on site and welcomed me as a guest.  Great place and nice friendly folk.  I had an enjoyable evening.

Tomorrow morning Ngozi arrives from NZ.  She will be welcome company after being alone for so long.  Be nice to have someone to help clean the boat up a bit.  Voyage distance 974.3 miles

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