Since three this afternoon we have had some wind, early evening now and we are romping along at five, sometimes six knots.  This wind is forecast to drop at midnight but until then I have all sail set to take advantage and get a bit more to the west.

Last night was frustrating, we managed to sail through the night with the jib but there wasn’t enough wind to keep it from flogging every thirteen seconds as we came off a swell.  In the morning there was no wind, so I just drifted with all sails furled.  I had a nice sleep in the cockpit under a warm sun.  If you are following the route on the chart you will see the recent track resembles the random slithers of an inebriated snake as I try and find wind.  Not a good days run, only 72 miles.

We are now past the Columbia River, one of my contingency stops in case of bad weather.  The next bolt holes are Coos Bay and Crescent City.  Crescent City sounds an interesting place, it was recommended to me by an American fisherman I met in Alaska last year.

I don’t know what is going on, I have been in and out of the galley all day.  Looking for snacks and tangy, spicy food.  I really fancy a Thai meal but I don’t have the fresh ingredients on board.  The cook is getting fed up with me poking around.

This morning when drifting in the calm I was watching a couple of Sooty Shearwaters.  Incredible birds, they skim so low, only millimetres from the surface.  To see them from sea level puts a new perspective on their skills.  It looks like they like doing it cos it’s fun.  Voyage distance 324.6 miles.

Sooty Shearwater.
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