I feel exhausted, what a day – I am checked into the USA and have been granted a six month cruising visa.  This morning I departed Canoe Cove at ten in brilliant sunshine and a cold crisp air.  There was no wind as I motored out and across Haro Strait towards the US.  At just after eleven I entered USA waters.  An hour later I was visited by three US Coastguard guys in a flash rib, they had all the gear strapped on.  They were doing a boating safety check, very courteous and polite but they were very business-like.

Clear sky, bright sunshine and crisp air
Clear sky, bright sunshine and crisp air

At three in the afternoon we arrived at Friday Harbour and I tied up at the customs dock to check in.  After a call on the free phone on the dock I was invited to the Boarder Protection office in town.  Off I trekked with my passport and ships papers.  An hour later, after a bit of to and fro I was in possession of a cruising permit valid for six months. 

At each place I stop in the US I have to call in my position by phone and provide my cruising permit number, this is a bit of a chore, I suppose I need to buy a USA sim so I can comply.  The penalty for non-compliance is potentially life changing.

I need some refreshment and feed, this evening I will head up the road and find a suitable watering hole.  After all I need to celebrate breaking free of Canoe Cove and starting my journey south.

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  1. Ray,
    I truly admire your Pioneering Spirit and wish you safe travels.
    Robert A. Socha 1-504-908-3582 Sent from my iPad


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